Blood Donation 

– In memory of our dear friend and colleague Richard Allen –

Donation Donation UW Group

Donating blood adds value and meaning to our lives!

There are no substitutes for blood, platelets or plasma – they cannot be manufactured. Patients in need of blood or blood products must rely on donations from people like you. At UW Group we honor the ones we love who are no longer with us, by helping someone in need. In memory of Nicholas Richard Allen, we organized our 2nd blood donation.

The blood donation was held at the Reception Hall of Agios Georgios Havouzas (Christofi Ergatoudi 44 Street, 3080, Limassol), on Monday, 7th December 2020 , at 14:30 hours.

As we understand the needs of the Blood Bank and the significance of donating blood, we are very proud and thankful for our people who voluntarily donated 15 bottles of blood, – meaning 6,750ml in total – and by their action, they will save 45 people.

A big thank you to all!