This year marks the 30th Anniversary of CYMEPA’s creation

Cyprus Marine Environment Protection Association (CYMEPA) celebrates its 30th Anniversary.  To celebrate this occasion various activities and events are  planned.

The Cyprus Marine Environment Protection Association has been formed with the initiative of the International Shipping Community of Cyprus with the support of the Commercial Community of the island. CYMEPA is an autonomous, not-for-profit organization funded solely by its members. CYMEPA was officially registered on the 27th August 1992 as a not-for-profit organization limited by guarantee.

The principal aim of CYMEPA is to encourage and actively assist effective efforts to prevent all forms of pollution of the sea. The Association also helps seafarers and executives to be more aware of safety and the protection of the marine environment. CYMEPA also initiates environmental projects and operates extensive public awareness campaigns, giving priority to environmental education of Schoolchildren. CYMEPA supports and assists the Government of Cyprus in ratifying and implementing international conventions addressing the protection of the marine environment.

Watch the commemorative Video created as a kick off of the celebrations or click the link below the video to read the full history of CYMEPA