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EPE designs and manufactures its products under registered trademark POLCOR. The zinc and aluminum sacrificial anodes are produced in the company’s factory. The production of anodes complies with the highest internationally approved standards of quality and safety. The factory operates in ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2004. EPE’s production capacity is 10.000 tons annually.

The company operates fully equipped laboratory which analyzes on a 24 hr basis the chemical elements with a high definition spectrograph and modern facilities for the electrochemical testing for endurance in warm and cold seas. This electrochemical control examines the performance of alloys and products per batch, in accordance with internationally approved standards. We also produce any specification upon request.


POSEIDON FIT Bilge Oil Water Separator consists of two stages; the coalescer and the emulsion breaking unit. The coalescer works on a continuous mode, by-passing the second stage. If the detection monitor senses content higher than 4ppm at the effluent of the coalescer oil, then the emulsion breaking unit begins its operation. Due to an effective hydrocarbon absorption material the effluent of 5ppm or less, is ensured, according to the new Environmental Class Notations. In that way, the operation and maintenance cost is minimized and the life of the equipment is prolonged.


• Fully Automatic Unattended Operation
• Self-cleaning through Backwash
• By-passing Mode of the Electrolytic Stage for Prolonged Operation
• Pressure Type that Fits All New-Building Designs
• Military Applications Version Available Minimum Maintenance
• No Chemicals
• Plug-N-Play Installation
• Reliable Operation
• Minimum Volume & Footprint


Electrochemical Sewage Treatment Unit

TRITON EC is a purely electrochemical wastewater
treatment plant. It is a completely chemical-free
sewage treatment plant meeting the requirements of
MEPC 227 (64) of the International Maritime
Organization (IMO). TRITON EC is designed for waste
water treatment on board merchant ships, Navy
vessels, yachts, ferries, small cruisers, offshore
platforms and most other marine type applications.

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