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Zhoushan IMC-Yongyue Shipyard and Engineering Co., Ltd is a Sino-foreign ship repair and engineering enterprise invested by IMC Pan Asia Alliance Group, Zhejiang Yongyue Shipping Group, and Zhejiang Haizhongzhou Group.

IMC-YY (Long 122°16′22″E Lat 29°56′33″ N) is located at Zhoushan, near to Shanghai Yangshan Port, within 2 days sailing from Japan or Korea. IMC-YY is the most convenient repair station in the far-east region.  IMC-YY occupies an area of 500,000 sq. meters and 1900 meters of coastline. Here, it enjoys a pleasant climate with an average temperature of 16℃ and an average annual rainfall of 1100mm. The weather condition is ideal for ship-repairing and engineering works.

IMC-YY was built in Jul. 2003, and put in production in Jan. 2006. Equipped with comprehensive facilities and skilled workforce, IMC-YY offers a comprehensive range of services with leading technologies and equipment to ship repair and maintenance to vessels from all over the world. In 2017, IMC-YY took the lead in implementing UHP process in the pretreatment of ship hull surface systematically in China’s ship repair industry.


• Dry-docking

• Ship repairs

• Conversion

• Offshore

Location: Zhoushan Islands, China

Website: http://en.imc-yy.com/