METIS Cyper technology

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METIS CYBERSPACE TECHNOLOGY SA was established in 2016 and specializes in the field of Data Acquisition, Real-time Performance Monitoring and Intelligent Analytics for the Maritime Industry, utilising Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques.


• Performance Analysis & Evaluation
• Analysis of Engine Efficiency (i.e. SFOC deviation to reference)
• Optimization Recommendations (i.e. measures for SFOC reduction)
• Fleet performance evaluation – comparison between sister vessels.
• Condition Monitoring & Fault Diagnosis (i.e. early failure detection, avoidance of severe failures, etc.)

• Assessment of Engine Condition Before & After Maintenance • Activities (i.e. Dry Dock etc.)
• Emissions Monitoring & Evaluation (i.e. SO2, CO2 etc.)
• Direct correlation of engine emissions to engine condition (cylinder specific)
• Shop test/sea trials attendance as a third party representative
• Onboard surveys – Technical Expertise & Consultancy Services

• Interconnection with other systems/applications of the shipping company (i.e. ERP, PMS Crewing Applications, etc.)
• Integration with 3rd party systems and services (i.e. SFOC deviation to reference) &
• Design and implementation of data science tools & services
• Development of custom functionality for the specific need of a shipping company

Location: Athens, Greece