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Shanhaiguan Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. (SHGSIC), main business is ship-repair , shipbuilding, ship conversion, scrapping, off-shore engineering construction, maintenance, harbor machinery, steel fabrication, shipping spare parts providing, heat-dip galvanization, project construction, wharf loading/unloading and storage business.

The ship-repair annual capacity of SHGSIC is more than 200 vessels . According to the regulations of ship classification society at home and abroad, international pact and standard, SHGSIC has repaired and converted tankers, rigs, bulk carries, general cargo ships, Ro-Ro ships, container carriers, reefer ships, ore carries, floating cranes, rescue ships, supply ships, harbor vessels, chemical tankers, special vessels, offshore facilities etc. The shipbuilding annual capacity of SHGSIC is about 1,400,000DWT. 


• Dry-docking

• Ship Repairs

• Conversion Shipbuilding

• Offshore Projects

Location: Shanhaiguan,Qinhuangdao, North China