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FD: 167×24

SOCIBER Ltd., is a single Floating Dock Shipyard, located at Valparaiso – CHILE, on the crossroad of major shipping lanes on the Pacific side of South America.

With its origins dating back to 1985, SOCIBER Ltd., is a fast & focused ship repair and conversion services; assuring an enviable balance of speed-costs-quality, providing customers with a continuous flow of solutions, increasing their vessels performance.

By having only one docking spot, one of the largest Floating Dry Dock in the west coast of South America, makes the whole organization focused on your vessel and fast enough to achieve the dry docking date committed with the incoming vessel. SOCIBER offers also Ship Repairing and Conversion, with a daily commitment vessels effectiveness.


• Afloat Repairs

• Conversion

• Dry Docking

Location: Pacific Ocean, South America – Valparaiso, Chile