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Turbomare provides all types of spare parts for ABB, Mitsubishi, Napier, PBS and Garrett turbochargers at competitive prices with favorable delivery times, Turbomare has an impressive stock of spare parts which are purchased in bulk, thus achieving purchasing economies of scale. Turbomare use only first-class suppliers with a proven track record on quality and working conditions, the spare parts are sold with a guarantee under specific terms. As a result, Turbomare are always in a position to satisfy both the regular or urgent demands of their clients without under any circumstances, compromising the standards of the manufacturers.


• Spare parts for ABB, MAN B&W, MET and IHI turbocharges

• Service centre for ABB, MAN B&W, MET and IHI turbocharges

Location: Drapetsona, Greece

Website: www.turbomare.com